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Lake Minnetonka Fishing Trips

Muskie Fishing Photo

Muskie Fishing on Lake Minnetonka

Schroeder's Guiding Service has been guiding fishermen on Lake Minnetonka for 39 years. We are on the water 5 to 7 days a week. We average about 300 Guided TRIPS every summer!! 

I work very hard to put every Client on as many fish as possible. Let our vast experience and knowledge help you make memories this summer.

Come join us for a day of guided fishing on Lake Minnetonka with Gregg Schroeder.

Lake Minnetonka Fishing Facts

Lake Minnetonka
Location: 20 minutes from Mpls/St. Paul/Mall of America
Size: 14,101 acres
Max Depth: 113 feet
Water Clarity: 8.2 feet
Fish present: muskies, walleyes, northerns, bass, panfish
Features: beautiful islands, bays, regional park, swimming beaches, public accesses, lodging, restaurants and bars on the lake, huge homes and unbelievable scenery.
Lake Minnetonka is close to the airport and the Mall of America, making it a great family destination.

Lake Minnetonka is basically a series of lakes connected by channels to form one huge beautiful lake.

Lake Minnetonka is very diverse in fishing and structure.

There are huge weed flats, inside  and outside weed lines. There are many different types  of weeds present as well. Milfoil, cabbage, coon tail, reeds and curly leaf pond weed to mention a few. 

Lake Minnetonka has hard sand, mud, rock and gravel bottom areas. Deep and shallow structure is also present. 

The water clarity changes dramatically from one end of the lake to the other as well. 

Lake Minnetonka is know for its excellent fishing and boating. Some days you may even see a regatta of beautiful sale boats.

In the Spring, panfish are the targeted species. Numbers of eating size sunfish are present. The crappie fishing is also very popular. Numbers and good sized fish move into the shallows shortly after ice out.

May brings the Opener for the Big Game species. Walleye, Pike and Bass get the most attention now. Once again, Lake Minnetonka is known for size and numbers of these fish. As the water warms up, the fish transition into there summer homes. Now its primarily Pike and Bass June through August.

The Fall is prime time for Big Muskies. August through October is when we catch a lot of trophy Muskies. Many fish over 50 inches are boated this time of year!!

The great news about Lake Minnetonka, is that with all the different structure and species to fish for, there are many ways to fish successfully. Depending on species and time of year, casting or trolling works. Live bait  and artificial lures work. So if you like to fish top water baits, jig, throw cranks or spinner baits, at the right time of year it all works on Lake Minnetonka!

Lake Minnetonka has so much to offer.  However, with its huge surface, miles of shorelines and endless structure, it can be a difficult and intimidating lake.

Our vast years of guiding experience is so beneficial. We keep on the fish from ice out until the end of October. 

We specialize in individual and corporate fishing trips on the lake! Relax and let us do the work.
The fishing is outstanding! The scenery is awesome. Lake Minnetonka has a lot of natural beauty as well as huge mansions with unbelievable landscaping.

Join me for an unforgettable day on the water.