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Muskie Fishing Guide Service

Minnesota Muskie Fishing Guide, Lake Minnetonka Muskie Guide Service

We are MUSKIE Fanatics!!! It's our Addiction!! If you want to fish with passionate, knowledgeable muskie guides, you have found the right place. We are talking HUGE Muskies!! We top the 50 inch mark many times every year. A 55+ incher usually takes top honors annually.View our photo gallery for the photos.

We know these waters so well, we offer Guaranteed Muskie Trips. Book TWO 6 hour trips, and we Guarantee at least one boated muskie or you get a free 4 hour trip! In 31 years of guiding, we have only had 3 free trips given out. On one free trip,the client caught a 46"er and a 44"er on Lake Minnetonka.

Muskie Numbers and Size: You will be amazed at the size and number of muskies just 25 miles from the Mall of America. Multiple muskies in a day are very common. On one trip, we boated 6 muskies over 40 inches.  Another morning produced a 45", 51 1/2, 51 1/2, and a 52 1/2 muskies for a  father-son duo! They also lost another over 50" at the boat!! We caught 14 muskies over 50" in September alone.   

One client booked 27 trips in the last two seasons. He entertains his clients and friends with unforgettable muskie action. His wife boated her first muskie last year. A beautiful 45" incher out of Lake Minnetonka. Another trip produced a 53 incher for his business client. His personal best was a MASSIVE 55 incher on a top-water lure last September.


  • $325.00 .....1/2 Day (4 hours),  ADD a 4th person for $50
  • $425.00..... 6 hour guaranteed muskie trip, ADD a 4th person for $50
  • Book TWO 6 hour trips in AUGUST or SEPTEMBER and we guarantee a boated muskie or get a 4 hour trip free.
  • Priced per trip, not per person

Equipment: We provide quality equipment and top notch guides with vast knowledge and experience. We will work hard to put you in next year's Photo Gallery!

Article: Read a Muskie Article by Gregg Schroeder: Muskie's Inside Out.

Muskie Season: The muskie season runs mid-June through October. August and September tend to be the most productive months for muskies.

Your Trip with Us: We will have a ton of muskies located before you arrive. We will take you from fish to fish looking for the aggressive feeding ones! This vast knowledge of the fish, their location and feeding patterns is what makes our success rate so high.

Whether you are new to muskie fishing and looking to learn, or are a seasoned muskie nut looking for a "personal best", we would love to help you out. We know where the muskies are and how to catch them. Join us!

For Reservations or More Information: Please email or call us.