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Lake Waconia Fishing Guide

Guided Fishing Lake Waconia

Guided Fishing on Lake Waconia

Join me on beautiful Lake Waconia. Relax and enjoy the lake’s natural beauty! The fishing is outstanding, boasting numbers and trophy size fish of all species.

My clients have caught 56” muskies, 10 pound walleyes, 6 pound bass, northerns up to 19 pounds, and pan fish up to a pound and a half.

Lake Waconia is much like Lake Minnetonka only smaller. It has tons of structure and open water. There are huge weed flats primarily consisting of milfoil. There is also cabbage, reeds and other weeds present. 

Lake Waconia has a lot of sand, mud and some rocks and gravel bottom as well. There are mid lake humps and drop offs. The fish generally transition from shallower structure in Spring to the deeper cooler structure in Summer. They then move back to the shallows in fall.

Join us for a guided fishing trip on lake Waconia!

Walleye Fishing

About Fishing Lake Waconia

Lake Waconia is known for its plentiful crappies schooling up shortly after ice out. I have witness schools on the surface spanning several hundred yards. Spring and Summer walleye fishing can be very good on various structures. Lake Waconia has a 16 inch minimum size limit on its walleyes. The Northern Pike population is getting stronger every year. While the numbers are not super high, the size is well above average. The ones we have been catching lately range from 30 inches to over 40 inches. The Bass fishing is very solid. There are numbers and size. Boating 15-20 Bass an afternoon is not uncommon with a chance at a 20+ incher. When Fall rolls around, the Big Muskies get active. Call us and we can put you in the areas for your shot at a true Giant!!

Lake Waconia also has a good sized island in the middle of it. The history of Lake Waconia is very interesting. Including the fact that the Gopher football team used to hold practices on the East end of the island.

This lake offers incredible fishing trips near Minneapolis! Enjoy time on the water and have time left over for other activities. We offer family trips and corporate fishing trips. The sunrise and sunsets are incredible!

Lake Waconia Details

Location: 35 minutes west of Minneapolis/St. Paul/Mall of America

Size: 2,997 acres

Max Depth: 37 feet

Fish present: muskie, walleyes, bass, northern, pan fish

Features: large island, regional park with swimming beach, large public access, golf course, restaurants, shopping, lodging.

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