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Cookie BOB

Cookie BOB

January 23, 2012 by

      Bob Wesloski was the best client a guide could ask for.I was fortunate enough to guide him for about 15 years. We fished together up to 15 trips a year.

      Bob prided himself on his cookie baking abilities and always brought a fresh pan along on every trip. He always brought extra for me to take home to my family as well. Thus the nickname Cookie Bob began!!

      He always came fishing by himself and requested that my wife would join us.  He knew she loved to fish and didn't  get to very oftened because I always have clients in my boat. He always joked that he enjoyed her company more then mine anyway. He was a true gentleman and always looked out for my family!

      We caght countless fish together. Bob loved to catch crappies in the Spring and muskies in the Fall. Most of all, he just loved being in the boat. I loved having him in my boat!!! He always said that "catching something is a bonus, Lets just fish"! When we hit a large wave Bob would yell "Wahoooo!!!"

      I considered Bob like my second dad. My family and I will miss the weekly phone calls, the crazy stories he told  the quality time in the boat together, and his kind gentle Spirit!

                                  To you BOB I say: WAHOOOOO---- Fish in Peace !!!!

                                            You will be Deeply missed Dear Friend

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